We've entered the NPR TINY DESK CONTEST ! ! !

Dear Wonderful People! ! ! If you LOVE music, then you probably love NPR. If you love NPR, then you probably know about their Tiny Desk Concerts. Late last year, (haha-- 2014,) NPR announced that they would be having a Tiny Desk Contest. We've never met Bob Boilen, and we're not sure he's heard our music yet...therefore, we couldn't help it!!! Please watch, please share, please send NPR good "E&HC" vibes, Merci!


SONG: Bonbons Chocolat by Erin and Her Cello FILM BY: Chris Ungco CAMERA: Jeanette Sears PRODUCTION DESIGN: Garrett McDonald SOUND: Gabe Shuford

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Aya Kato, Anna Marquardt, Adam Enright, Chris Ungco, Jeanette Sears, Garrett McDonald, Gabe Shuford, and Two Boots Pizza.

Also-- our next show will be Saturday, FEBRUARY 14th, 2015! THE REJECTION SHOW: VALENTINE'S DAY HEARTBREAK HAVEN

Artists we Adore: Bjork (!!!)

How can anyone not adore Björk?

A few weeks ago , I had the incredible opportunity to see and hear Björk perform live at the NY Hall of Science,  as part of her Biophilia tour.  As a musician, and a performer, it was one of the BEST performances I have ever seen. Surreal.  In fact, I can't really explain everything that happened that night, nor can I explain the apps that accompany each song on her latest album, so I'm going to direct you to this article on NPR's website. From there, if you are interested in the musical instruments BJORK INVENTED, among other things, then pretty please watch this video.                                                                                                                                                                              THANK YOU, BJORK. You are a genius, dancing above dazzling inspiration.


In other news... we'll be performing in Stripped Stories at UCB Theatre on Thursday, March 8th, 9:30 pm!  (tix only $5!) The Comedians included will be: Dave Hill, (HBO, Sundance Channel), Blaise Kearsly, (How I learned Series) and your HOT Stripped Stories hostesses, Giulia Rozzi & Margot Leitman.  The theme of the evening is "Awkward Encounters"-- NOT THAT WE'VE EVER HAD ANY.


oh, and did I tell you that we've started recording our second album?



Ladies and Gentlemen,

We love Ella Fitzgerald.

She continues to inspire us every time we hear her phenomenal voice. And this morning she is featured on We are thrilled, and want to share it with you, too.

Click here to hear (ha!) the MARVELOUS Ella!!!

And Happy March 29th! :)

love, Erin and Her Cello

Artists We Adore

We adore Omara Portuondo. (And had we not had a gig on February 27th at Rockwood Music Hall, we would have definitely seen the beautiful Omara at Town Hall.) This Tiny Desk Concert, however, makes us very happy.

[tubepress video="e3blQ3I3GRQ" title="false" length="false" views="false"]