Tiny Desk Concert

We've entered the NPR TINY DESK CONTEST ! ! !

Dear Wonderful People! ! ! If you LOVE music, then you probably love NPR. If you love NPR, then you probably know about their Tiny Desk Concerts. Late last year, (haha-- 2014,) NPR announced that they would be having a Tiny Desk Contest. We've never met Bob Boilen, and we're not sure he's heard our music yet...therefore, we couldn't help it!!! Please watch, please share, please send NPR good "E&HC" vibes, Merci!


SONG: Bonbons Chocolat by Erin and Her Cello FILM BY: Chris Ungco CAMERA: Jeanette Sears PRODUCTION DESIGN: Garrett McDonald SOUND: Gabe Shuford

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Aya Kato, Anna Marquardt, Adam Enright, Chris Ungco, Jeanette Sears, Garrett McDonald, Gabe Shuford, and Two Boots Pizza.

Also-- our next show will be Saturday, FEBRUARY 14th, 2015! THE REJECTION SHOW: VALENTINE'S DAY HEARTBREAK HAVEN

Artists We Adore

We adore Omara Portuondo. (And had we not had a gig on February 27th at Rockwood Music Hall, we would have definitely seen the beautiful Omara at Town Hall.) This Tiny Desk Concert, however, makes us very happy.

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