Blaise Kearsley

Artists we Adore: Bjork (!!!)

How can anyone not adore Björk?

A few weeks ago , I had the incredible opportunity to see and hear Björk perform live at the NY Hall of Science,  as part of her Biophilia tour.  As a musician, and a performer, it was one of the BEST performances I have ever seen. Surreal.  In fact, I can't really explain everything that happened that night, nor can I explain the apps that accompany each song on her latest album, so I'm going to direct you to this article on NPR's website. From there, if you are interested in the musical instruments BJORK INVENTED, among other things, then pretty please watch this video.                                                                                                                                                                              THANK YOU, BJORK. You are a genius, dancing above dazzling inspiration.


In other news... we'll be performing in Stripped Stories at UCB Theatre on Thursday, March 8th, 9:30 pm!  (tix only $5!) The Comedians included will be: Dave Hill, (HBO, Sundance Channel), Blaise Kearsly, (How I learned Series) and your HOT Stripped Stories hostesses, Giulia Rozzi & Margot Leitman.  The theme of the evening is "Awkward Encounters"-- NOT THAT WE'VE EVER HAD ANY.


oh, and did I tell you that we've started recording our second album?