Our New Music Video for "Just Maybe"

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Our New MUSIC VIDEO for "Just Maybe" has just been premiered on Wondering Sound.

Please click the photo above to see our beautiful new music video

by Andrea Lira.

"Just Maybe" on Vimeo.

"Just Maybe" on Itunes.

Happy New Year ! ! ! ! !


To our dear friends and family:  We'd like to take a mini moment and THANK YOU for a beautiful year.  (Most especially, our recent successful Kickstarter Campaign!!!)  We are so lucky to have your support, and cannot wait to for the New Year.  Sound the trumpets! Ring the Bells! Pluck them cello strings...        here comes 2014 ! ! ! (We can't wait to see what it brings!!!)



Oh, what a beautiful day !!!

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Please click the  PHOTO above, & watch the video update for our Kickstarter Campaign!  By doing so-- we promise you will be delighted!!!


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Production Designer:  Garrett McDonald, Cinematography:  Yessica Curiel Montoya,  Gaffer: Nels Erickson.  Music: Erin Hall and Gabe Shuford.              Directed by Chris Ungco.

Help Make our (Petits Bisous) Dreams Come True!

Erin and Her Cello have just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund their sophomore album, called "Petits Bisous." ! ! !

With Sincere Gratitude...

Before our music video "drops" this afternoon, I'd like to take a moment to THANK everyone involved. It was such a lovely collaboration between so many people, and we couldn't have done it without ALL of you.         THANK YOU!              THANK YOU!                 THANK YOU!

Thank you to our Kickstarter Backers: The men and women that contributed financially to make EVERYTHING possible! (in no particular order)

Quinn, Misty, & Huck Milner  *  Jerry Eisner  *  Frank & Melanie Friedman  *  Amber Vickers  *  Jeanette Clonan  *  Tom Williams  *   Anna Rachel Lusby  *  Benjamin Mariage  *  Shannon Andrews  *  Andrea Lira  *  Nancy Irwin  *  Gavin Starr Kendall  *  Robin Sagon  *  Amy Granger  *  David Clement  *  Debbie Cleverly  *  Andrea Moro  *  Marilyn Butler   *  Kevin & Katie Scanlan  *  Butch Harper  *  Patrick McGreal  *  Frances Ellsworth  *  Heather LaBour  *  Will Brumley  *  Maranda Barskey  *  Kathleen B. Murphy  *  Jacki Moonves  *  Jeremy Reppy  *  Vanessa Woods  *  Emily Wilson  *  Katherine Patterson  *  Lisa Deupree  *

From the Video Shoot:

Director:  Chris Ungco

Director of Photography: Rommel Genciana

Producer: Kara Lee & Nick Mohammed, GFY Enterprises

Assistant Director: Drew Moore

Animations: Andrea Lira

Art Direction: Cara Rae Hyman

Stylist: Candice Cooper

Art Assistant: Seyda Sterns

Assistant Camera: Juan Carlos Mayorga

Gaffer: Patrick Egan

Best Boy: Mike Lighston

Key Grip: Matt Cooper

Grip: Shota Sasakura

Grip: Liam Billingham

2nd AD: Lisa Jacobs

PA: Emely Martinez

Stills Photographer: Moses Charles

Special Thanks:

Sonny and Nini Ungco  (AMAZING food!!!)

Lynette Wiley and the Jalopy Theater

Nikki Ferry

The Dancers: Adam Mathias, Jordan Landers, Shannon Andrews, Jes Shuford, Stephanie Kiahtipes, Amit Rupani, David Clement, Ana Meyer, PJ Jestry, & Andrea Lira

Don Godwin: Engineered & Mixed New Version of "Sober"

Seaside Lounge

G & J Audio 

My Family: Rich & Tonya Hall, Christine Hall & Patrick Harper, Tara Hall, Mishi & Brandon Stirling, and all my friends that have listened to and supported me.

And last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank the beautiful musicians that I get to work with, that made this video so adorable. THANK YOU for being such an inspiration, and SO MUCH FUN.  I love you guys!

Aya Kato: Piano

Gabe Shuford: Accordion

Adam Enright,  Anna Marquardt, and Amber Renae Gray: Backup Singers of Sass & Style

Andrew Potenza: Percussion

Happy Thanksgiving, and see you all at 2pm!


Erin and my Cello