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We had an AMAZING 2014... THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT!!! We released Petits Bisous! We released a music video for "Just Maybe"! and we finished the year with another fabulous Holiday Spectacular!?! Thank you, all, sincerely-- for a HUGE year for Erin and Her Cello. Cheers to 2015!!!


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NEW REVIEW of Petits Bisous!!!

Erin and Her Cello:    Le Petits Bisous

By Michael Mohammed     September 16, 2014  

Sometimes you’ve got to indulge your musical sweet tooth. Petits Bisous, the second album from cellist-singer-songwriter Erin Hall, is filled with tiny, witty songs designed to put a smile on your face. Her music is largely in the 50s/60s doo-wop template, with peppy piano lines, wandering stand-up bass lines, and light female backup vocals, an aesthetic that pairs very well with the twee stories she tells.

Hall, who performs with an 7-piece band as Erin and Her Cello, has made a name for herself with her infectiously fun live performances, thanks to her bubbly stage presence and stand-up-comedy lyrics. In her debut album, she sang about a Duane Reade cashier with freakishly large nails, going to the zoo, and falling in love on the subway.

Petits Bisous uses a similar template. The opening song, “Rebound Magnet,” is a peppy ode to being a relationship also-ran, backed with piano and jazzy sax. Hall sings in a rapid-fire, breathy style that at times makes it hard to understand what she’s saying, but as a whole it’s a bright, high-energy opener.

The rest of the songs continue in the same mold. In “Google Stock,” a joyfully avaricius Hall starts out asking for the title item as a birthday present – “It doesn’t have to cost a lot/’cause if you’re smart it was already bought/before the recession.” “Breakdancin’ Man” relates the common NYC subway experience of tolerating foul-smelling dancers on your subway ride, while “Walk of Fame” covers the trip home after a one-night stand.

As with her first album, there’s a song entirely in French – “Bonbons Chocolat” – and while some find the lyrical nature of the French language quite beautiful, I think it’s a bit of misstep. Though the title evokes the melt-in-your-mouth treats that most songs on the album resemble, the fact that the song is in French robs it of the on-the-nose cleverness that drives most of her music.

Among this batch of pretty trifles is one truly beautiful and poignant gem: “2 Good 2 B True.” Despite the unfortunate title, probably meant to evoke a text message, it’s slow jam in the doo-wop mold, about a hipster boy-girl meet-cute on New Years’ Day (“tall and lanky with a boyish smile/a touch of awkwardness to drive me wild”), with concertina and vibraphone. Her airy voice perfectly complements the bittersweet tone of the track, and it all gels beautifully.

The final track, “Just Maybe,” again finds Hall in a more romantically serious mode, and it’s another winner. This time, a bowed cello finally makes an appearance, and it’s beautiful – which raises the question: why isn’t there more cello on this album? A cello player since she was 8, Hall has a beautiful sound, but the album is sparsely populated by finger-plucked cello apart from the final track.

In the end, this a fun, lighthearted album filled with songs that wouldn’t be out of place at a children’s birthday party or a Williamsburg dinner party. Hall shows tremendous promise as a songwriter and a lyricist, as long as she continues to rely on her cello talent and skill for a clever turn of phrase.

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September 16, 2014

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Rockwood 9/5/14"FINE FOLKS! ! ! After an AMAZING CD Release Show-- we cannot wait to play for you again!!!" -- (we happily shout)

" WHEN ? ! ? ! " --(you all scream)

" FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 7 pm -- at ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL, STAGE 2 in NEW YORK CITY!!!" --(we politely scream back)


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group hug (500x500) Fine Folks! We could not have asked for a better CD Release Show last Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at Joe's Pub. In addition, the morning of July 31st, we were featured on WNYC's Soundcheck as their Gig Alert. WHAT A THRILL!!! THANK YOU, WNYC's Soundcheck! Have a listen below !

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made it to our CD Release Show! So many of you came from FAR AWAY! And, THANK YOU to those of you who watched it thanks to the JOE'S PUB LIVE STREAM !! ! MERCI, BEAUCOUP! Bisou, BISOU! Now, go listen to YOUR COPY of Petits Bisous!!! (A kiss from me to you!)

Petits Bisous AVAILABLE JULY 31st! ! ! !

8-9-13-a Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our sophomore album, PETITS BISOUS, will be released on Thursday, July 31st, 2014. It's been a long time coming, and we can't wait to share it with you. The physical CD will be for sale at live shows, as well as on our website. Petits Bisous will also be available to download on Itunes, & Amazon, CDBaby, and more.

To celebrate the release of Petits Bisous, we will be performing a CD release show on July 31st, 9:30PM EST at Joe's Pub in New York City. As of today, there are still a few tickets left for sale. Please click here to purchase. If you do not live in New York city, we have fabulous news for you. WE WILL BE STREAMING our CD Release show through the Joe's Pub YouTube Page. The show will go LIVE at 9:30pm EST ! ! !

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter Campaign, we had over 161 backers to ensure this album became a reality. Over the past two weeks, Gabe and I have been trekking to the Post Office repeatedly, mailing our new CD, plus adorable merchandise (see our SHOP to purchase your own...on or after 7/31) to our incredible backers. It's been so much fun to hear back from you all about how much you love the album. And! There's more to come!!! Thanks to that campaign, we have one music video that we will be sharing with you soon, as well as another in the making. We couldn't be more excited.

THANK YOU, everyone. Thank you for your support, your laughter, your joy -- please help spread the word about our new album, Petits Bisous--

a kiss from me to you.

Love, Erin (and my cello)

The CD Release Show: Thursday, July 31st, 2014 !

Just like Marilyn-- WE are JUMPING FOR JOY

because we have a NEW CD to CELEBRATE!!!

And we cannot wait to share it with you! Won't you please mark your calendars, and purchase your tickets for:

Erin and Her Cello Present "Petits Bisous":


THURSDAY, JULY 31st, 2014

9:30 PM

Joe's Pub at the Public Theater

425 Lafayette, New York, NY

Tickets: $14 Click Here to Purchase

(more info to come...)