With Sincere Gratitude...

Before our music video "drops" this afternoon, I'd like to take a moment to THANK everyone involved. It was such a lovely collaboration between so many people, and we couldn't have done it without ALL of you.         THANK YOU!              THANK YOU!                 THANK YOU!

Thank you to our Kickstarter Backers: The men and women that contributed financially to make EVERYTHING possible! (in no particular order)

Quinn, Misty, & Huck Milner  *  Jerry Eisner  *  Frank & Melanie Friedman  *  Amber Vickers  *  Jeanette Clonan  *  Tom Williams  *   Anna Rachel Lusby  *  Benjamin Mariage  *  Shannon Andrews  *  Andrea Lira  *  Nancy Irwin  *  Gavin Starr Kendall  *  Robin Sagon  *  Amy Granger  *  David Clement  *  Debbie Cleverly  *  Andrea Moro  *  Marilyn Butler   *  Kevin & Katie Scanlan  *  Butch Harper  *  Patrick McGreal  *  Frances Ellsworth  *  Heather LaBour  *  Will Brumley  *  Maranda Barskey  *  Kathleen B. Murphy  *  Jacki Moonves  *  Jeremy Reppy  *  Vanessa Woods  *  Emily Wilson  *  Katherine Patterson  *  Lisa Deupree  * Kickstarter.com

From the Video Shoot:

Director:  Chris Ungco

Director of Photography: Rommel Genciana

Producer: Kara Lee & Nick Mohammed, GFY Enterprises

Assistant Director: Drew Moore

Animations: Andrea Lira

Art Direction: Cara Rae Hyman

Stylist: Candice Cooper

Art Assistant: Seyda Sterns

Assistant Camera: Juan Carlos Mayorga

Gaffer: Patrick Egan

Best Boy: Mike Lighston

Key Grip: Matt Cooper

Grip: Shota Sasakura

Grip: Liam Billingham

2nd AD: Lisa Jacobs

PA: Emely Martinez

Stills Photographer: Moses Charles

Special Thanks:

Sonny and Nini Ungco  (AMAZING food!!!)

Lynette Wiley and the Jalopy Theater

Nikki Ferry

The Dancers: Adam Mathias, Jordan Landers, Shannon Andrews, Jes Shuford, Stephanie Kiahtipes, Amit Rupani, David Clement, Ana Meyer, PJ Jestry, & Andrea Lira

Don Godwin: Engineered & Mixed New Version of "Sober"

Seaside Lounge

G & J Audio 

My Family: Rich & Tonya Hall, Christine Hall & Patrick Harper, Tara Hall, Mishi & Brandon Stirling, and all my friends that have listened to and supported me.

And last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank the beautiful musicians that I get to work with, that made this video so adorable. THANK YOU for being such an inspiration, and SO MUCH FUN.  I love you guys!

Aya Kato: Piano

Gabe Shuford: Accordion

Adam Enright,  Anna Marquardt, and Amber Renae Gray: Backup Singers of Sass & Style

Andrew Potenza: Percussion

Happy Thanksgiving, and see you all at 2pm!


Erin and my Cello



Tune in Tuesday


Ladies and Gentlemen. The Time has come. Tomorrow, 11/22/11 at 2pm EST, Go Folk Yourself and Erin and her Cello will release "Sober: A Music Video." We can't wait! But we will. Stay tuned.