Erin & Her Video featured on Late Night Republic!

Erin and "On My Stoop," our first music video--animated by the amazing Andrea Lira --are  featured on LATE NIGHT REPUBLIC, with Jake Sasseville, episode 109! Original Broadcast Television on October 2, 2010... Online viewing available anytime! 

Here's the Interview:

and Here's the Full Episode:

Late Night Republic: Season 1 Episode 9 from Late Night Republic on Vimeo.

Special Thanks to Mr. Jake Sasseville and Ms. Anya Garrett!!!

Le "10 Minute Talk Show!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are the featured musical guests of the 2nd "10 Minute Talk Show!" (Click on "10 minute Talk Show" for more info!) The theme of this episode is: Cuteness.

Hopefully, we were Cuteness.