Ladies and Gentlemen! We have an extremely exciting show for you! My cello and I (plus the band) will be performing in NIGHT OF THE LIVING CELLO III in conjunction with the New Directions Cello Festival!  

WHEN:   WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9th,  8-10:30 PM

WHERE: GOOGIE'S LOUNGE (above the Living Room) 154 Ludlow, NYC


THE NEW TIME ENSEMBLE:   Traditional Irish Folk Music-- with a Cello!!! (Liz Davis Maxfield!) "New Time Ensemble is an eclectic mix of musical styles and personalities, with Irish Traditional Music at it's Heart. The sound is fresh and innovated, yet grounded in the individual practices of each musician. There is creativity and strong musicianship here-- check it out!" -Sandra Joyce, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance

Luciano Correa and No Olho da Rua The " No Olho da Rua " takes to the streets the Brazilian music of Villa-Lobos, Ernesto Nazareth, Ary Barroso, Noel Rosa, Tom Jobim... eternal music, played in a modern way. A celebration to the music, to the people and to the streets of the Wonderful City. Since March of 1997, the quartet comes in the streets of the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro: Leblon, Ipanema, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and Tom Jobim Park.

Erin and her Cello A blend of jazz, 50's pop, backup singers, and un peu de francais for your cello "oreilles?" “Erin Hall is using her experiences and distinctive sense of humor to create a type of performance art that almost defies description.”- Anna Bengel, “Quirky, Vivacious, and Undeniably Unique…”- Tiffany Martini, Strings Magazine oui, oui, oui!