Last Saturday in February = A-CELLO-RHUMBA!

Oh My A-CELLO-RHUMBA!!! It's already February 2010?

Well, in that case-- we need to remind you that we have a show at the end of the ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL! Save the date! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27th, 7pm!

This show will feature: Aya Kato on piano, Christa Van Alstine on Clarinet, Mike McCurdy on drums, Anna Marquardt and Adam Enright singing backup vocals, and ... MORE!!! (We like to have tricks up our cello pluckin' sleeves.)

We'd love to see you there. We love Rockwood, and we love our audience. :) We don't, however, like it when the groundhog sees his shadow.

THANK YOU!!! love, erin and her cello