A Dainty Dose for December!

still from "On My Stoop" by Andrea Lira.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Oooh, we are so very excited!!!! We have lots of treats in store for you!


Animated and directed by the amazing Andrea Lira, we cannot wait to show it to you! See photo above to get a dainty dose, and stay tuned!

2) A NEW WEBSITE! Presently under construction! Hence this here interim blog for you to politely peruse. We haven't widely publicized our blog-- so have fun catching up!

In the meantime, you can find our debut album on ITUNES, you can befriend us on MYSPACE, you can become a fabulous fan (friend) on FACEBOOK, and, I guess we are tweeting? So you can follow us on TWITTER!

Happy December! Don't forget to smell the pine trees.

love, erin and my cello

PS we also volunteer for Musicians On Call. it makes us feel good.