New Directions Cello Festival! and...

Merci to the New Directions Cello Festival!!! This past weekend, my cello and I had the amazing opportunity of attending and participating in the New Directions Cello Festival in Ithaca, NY. A Festival devoted to the works of non-classical cello, the weekend consisted of workshops, collaboration, jamming and celebrating the oh-so-AMAZING instrument that we are so lucky to play-- the CELLO.

And what cellists we were able to play with! Jody Redhage! Claude LaMothe! Rufus Cappadocia! Stephen Katz! Liz Davis Maxfield! Stephanie Winters! Corbin Keep! And MORE!... (so many i can't remember every name/website...forgive me!)

Special Thanks to Chris White and Sera Smolen for all of the hard work they put into this festival, as well as the cello students at Ithaca College. We had a lovely time, and look forward to many amazing festivals to come. :)

and now we will just have to get ready for...JULY 3rd at Joe's Pub!