Ty McBride

Just One Rockwood Show Left!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Tomorrow Night will be our last show of the Rockwood Residency, and we cannot wait to celebrate the beginning of Memorial Day weekend with a free show... for YOU!  We had an amazing show last weekend, with Aya, Anna, Adam, and Andrew-- here are some hot pics to prove it!

GET READY TO ROCK THE LAST OF THE ROCKWOOD RESIDENCY!!! and start your Memorial Day Weekend off on the right foot! ***

FRIDAY, MAY 28th, 7pm ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL,  196 Allen St.  (special thanks to ANNA and TY MCBRIDE for taking such fabulous photos from last week's show. ♥ )

Aya Kato, Erin and her Cello

Aya (Kato) and her Xylophone!

Adam Enright, Erin and her Cello

Dreamy Backup Singer: Adam! Enright!

Adam, Anna, and Andrew getting ready to rock.

Erin flanked by her backup singers o' joy, Anna and Adam. ♥

Aya Kato, Anna Marquardt, Erin and her Cello

Pianist Aya Kato (piano, melodica, xylophone)  and Anna Marquardt (backup singer, diva, fashionista) are... AMAZING.

Aya and her melodica.

Erin Hall, Erin and her Cello

Erin and her Cello after their sweet show at Rockwood.

Á Demain, mes chers amis!


(***or the left.)