Turkey Time!


My cello and I hope that you have a Thanksgiving full of delicious delights and luscious libations. We would like to thank you for coming to our shows, listening to our songs, ENCOURAGING US, and even reading this here blog from time to time. We could not do it without your support... SERIOUSLY!
and a few more thank yous, in no particular order, to the people that have been so gracious to help my cello and I out in all sorts of wonderful ways...
Aya Kato*Adam Enright* Anna Marquardt*Amber Renee Gray* Christa Van Alstine* Mike McCurdy* Shockwave* Caleb Hawley* Adam Matta* Danny Gardner* Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen* Dan Levine* Joe Danisi* Stephen Brackett* Ty McBride* Cameron Jennings* Jeff Pidgeon* David Clement* Doug Wright* Jason Eagan & Ars Nova* Will Brumley* Joe, Stephanie Cannon & Tuesdays @ 9* Bob Kerrey* Deborah Wolfson* Ken Rockwood* Tommy Merrill* Adira Amram* Carla Rhodes & Cecil* Sweet Soubrette* Stephk* Jen Jinks* Shawna* Kristine* Vanessa Woods* MelissaB* Audrey* Niqui Carter* Jeanienne* Amit* Verduch* Michael Tapp* Nichelle Stephens* Andrea Lira* Emily Wilson* Matthew Caldecutt* Michelle Knight* Michael McMahon* Timothy Caldwell* Judy Linksman* Amber Vickers* Stephanie Winters* Corey Henderson & Dan Rollman of URDB* Stephen Brackett* Jenny Carey* Anna Rachel Lusby* Mary Wallach* Dan Safer* Kaz Phillips* John Schlue* Mimi Pond* Woodrow White* Jon Friedman* The Rejection Show* Kevin Kelly* Gabe Shuford* Gmail* Facebook* Will Ferrell* Tan Nguyen & Hot Pot Brooklyn* Shayna Ferm* Gaetan Bonhomme* Stephanie Myers* Joey Reynolds* Myra Chanin* New Directions Cello Association* Yo Yo Ma* President Barack Obama* Kevin Kirk* Camellia Lee* Nick Mancini* Jonathan Shapiro* Mikey Holmes* Luis Carrasquillo* Anne Watkins* Catherine Oberg* Julie Potash* Chuck Brody* Charley Hustle* Mark Rapp* Seth Johnson* Jerry Eisner* Lauren Geber* John-Paul Norpoth* Jannina Barefield* Jeanette Clonan* Anya Garrett* Colby Deveraux* Lauren whose last name I forget but she gave me her amp* Suzy Stride* Nicole Apostoli* Elissa Blynne* Missy Moser* Benjamin Mariage* AND! MY FAMILY!!! Christine, Tara, & Mishi, Patrick, Matt, & Brandon, and Soly, Max, Milo, Buzz, and Eloisa. * And most especially to my parents: Richard and Tonya Hall, who support and encourage me every single day.
I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, but I probably have.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
Erin and her Cello
PS... we still have one more show in our residency at Rockwood... TOMORROW NIGHT!