The Main Squeeze Orchestra

Uh oh! We just booked ANOTHER SWEET SHOW!

To be precise-- Accordion Sweet!

This Saturday, July 31st, Erin and her Cello are pleased to announce that they will be opening for the MAIN SQUEEZE ORCHESTRA! The World's Only 14 piece All Female All Accordion Orchestra!  The secret lovechild of Lawrence Welk and Eartha Kitt, The Main Squeeze Orchestra is every wildest accordion dream come true. These 12 gals with accordions, conducted by local accordion master Walter Kuhr, deliver a rare and irresistible repertoire (Bach, Queen, Joy Division, Madonna and more) that has been enchanting New York audiences since 2002.

Come One! Come All!

Come celebrate with our CELLO &  ACCORDION fol-de-rol!

SATURDAY,  JULY 31st , 9pm


open for  



The Living Room

154 Ludlow Street, LES, NYC

(For tickets, click here.) 

 *Featuring: Aya Kato on piano, Andrew Potenza on Percussion, Anna Marquardt & Adam Enright on Backup Vocals.


And if we don't see you on Saturday night...we'll see you in the Fall!!!