Hap, Hap, Happy New Year!

Well, today is January 10th, 2013! Never too late for a resolution, right?  We've made quite a few resolutions this year, and we're extremely excited. Especially because this year, 2013, we will release our sophomore album! (!!!) And hopefully with that release, we will perform all over NYC, all across the US, and all over the world! Even better yet...YOU will be able to listen to these sweet E&HC chansons whenever you want.

Not a shabby start to 2013, right? :)

BUT! Until then, we have a lot of planning, a lot of practicing, and a whole lotta new songwriting taking place. And! A few shows on the horizon (before the GIGANTIC CD RELEASE SHOW.) You can check them out to the right of this here blog, until then be sure to mark your calendars: Friday, February 1st for the Music & Comedy Show Earworm at UCBeast, then we're back at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 on February 25th, 2013 for a show chock full of new music. (And you can purchase those tickets now, if you'd like to ensure a spot.)  Or, if you're not on our email list, feel free to sign up just under our gigs calendar on the right of this screen, or find us on facebook and twitter, too! We're fun!

Before we "log off," we'd love to THANK YOU for your support. Thank you for reading this here blog post, Thank you for coming to our shows, Thank you for purchasing our music, Thank you for spreading the word about us, and THANK YOU for listening.

Happy 2013!


erin and my cello