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2010...and giving back!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's been a while! We were so busy during the holiday season with our wonderful family and friends-- it was amazing! In fact, 2009 was amazing!? BAMCafe, Joe's Pub, StandUP NY Comedy Contests, a Rockwood Residency...! Wait a minute, the entire decade has been amazing...we started writing our own music... Yahoo!!!

Amidst all this amazement, we wanted to tell you about the work we do with Musicians on Call. Once a month, Erin and her Cello play in hospitals throughout NYC. It's our way of giving back. We have been given so much in our lives, that why not play for others who are stuck in hospital beds!??!

We are very excited because tonight we will be playing at the Mt. Sinai Kravis Kidzone TV! KidZone TV is the first live, interactive broadcast studio in a children's hospital in the world and offers live and pre-recorded programming for viewing within the hospital. Children in The Zone can participate in program production behind and in front of the cameras, learning new skills and sharing them with others. Those who are confined to their room can participate in a range of activities broadcast on KidZone TV, such as games shows and question and answer sessions with musicians, actors, magicians, and sports stars..." How do you like that! (Prior guests have included KT Tunstall and Magic Johnson!) We are going to take our loop pedal and hope that the kids will help us create a song...right on the spot! We are going to get them to shake their TINY BUNS! (hahaha inside E&HC joke!)

In addition to Musicians on Call, we'd also like to introduce you to another incredible healthcare foundation, Bach to Health! Eric Roter, M.D. (“E.R.”), a Board-Certified emergency room physician and Juilliard trained cellist decided to use his classically trained cello skills outside of the emergency room. He recreated his NYC street-playing experiences by merging his recently recorded videos of J.S. Bach’s masterpiece “Cello Suites” with his own videos of Manhattan. Each of the 36 videos focuses on specific medical conditions he personally encounters in the emergency room and each is dedicated to a top-rated health-care charity to be used as a 24/7 “benefit concert” on the internet. It is truly remarkable. Below you will find the Prelude of the First Bach Cello Suite in G Major, my all time favorite. Interestingly enough, Dr. Roter, or "E.R", dedicated this Prelude to Multiple Sclerosis. My amazing mom, Tonya Hall, has Multiple Sclerosis, and she handles it with dignity, beauty, and strength every single day. We'd like to thank Dr. Roter for giving back not only in the emergency room, but through his beautiful foundation, Bach to Health.

Thank you all for your support. We wish you a happy, healthy,...and hopefully hilarious!... 2010.


Erin and Her Cello

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