Earworm Music Comedy Party Show

Hurry Up, Spring!!!

Dear Spring,

Hello! As you may already know, we haven't heard from you in a while. But! We are extremely excited to see you!!! And, we hope that you might join us at a few of our upcoming gigs? You see, we're going to play while you're around, then we're going to take a brief hiatus from live shows until our CD RELEASE SHOW, so SPRING-- now's your chance!  And just to help you out...

FRIDAY, MARCH 22nd, 9PM:  We have the honor of appearing in The Earworm Funny Music Party @ UCBeast, hosted by the hilarious music/comedy quartet, Summer and Eve! Yep, they asked us back!

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27th, 8PM: In this show, we're included in the Old Soul Revival lineup, live @ The Bowery Electric! We're only on for a half hour, so try not to be late!

MONDAY, APRIL 29th, 7pm: Now, this show is your last chance to see us while you're around, and we promise it's gonna be good! A FULL HOUR of all of our sweet tunes, LIVE @ Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2!  Plus we'll debut NEW SONGS, and talk about an incredible band! (You know-- Aya, Anna, Adam, Andrew, Gabe, and Lars!?!) Tickets are only $10! (I'd say purchase those ahead of time, just to be safe.)

SPRING! We have missed you, and we cannot wait to share our sweet songs with you! Until then... HURRY UP!!!


erin and her cello

PS you should have seen the AMAZING CROWD at our last Rockwood Show on 2/25/13... INCREDIBLE! If we're lucky, you'll see them all on 4/29/13! à très bientôt!


UCBeast this Friday & Rockwood 2/25/13!

Erin and her Cello LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall by Cameron Jennings

FIRST: This Friday, February 1st, 9pm


UCBeast 153 E. 3rd St, $10 :  Click HERE for reservations


SECOND:  Monday, February 25th, 7pm


$10  Click HERE for tickets

FEATURING: Aya Kato * NEW SONGS *  Gabe Shuford * Adam Enright * NEW SONGS * Anna Marquardt * Lars Jacobsen * NEW SONGS * Andrew Potenza

Flyer Designed by Cameron Jennings