Danny Gardner

We're in the NY Post? Yes, you read that right.

Holy Moly We have an exciting weekend!



SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st! 2-4pm Erin and Her Cello will be headlining (!?! wha??!!) their first comedy gig-- the NY LAUGHS Festival. East River Park Ampitheatre: Enter via pedestrian walkway from Cherry Street at FDR Drive.

NYLaughs Inc. is a not for profit organization and New York City's newest Arts institution. Through the production of FREE comedy performances set within NYC's myriad of public venues, NY Laughs seeks to provide laughter to everyday New Yorkers and elevate the profile and reputation of the Comedic Arts. For more info check out www.nylaughs.org


Later tomorrow night, at 8pm, Erin and Her Cello, with Aya Kato on Piano, and special guest star Tap Dancer Danny Gardner, will be performing at ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL, one of their absolute favorite little venues to play. FREE? Yes, you read that right.

BOTH shows that we have the opportunity to play tomorrow are FREE.

...Won't you please come join us? Let's Laugh and Celebrate Life.

Oh, and apparently we are mentioned in the NY Post today-- for the NYLaughs Festival Tomorrow! Click Here and read the "Sunny and Funny Section!"

Cheers, and Happy Weekend!

love, erin and her cello

PS We have more shows coming in August. :) Yay.